565 Fifth Avenue


The flagship store of athletics giant Adidas introduces a stadium retail concept, with stands to resemble live-game viewing, locker rooms in place of dressing rooms, and a track-and-turf section where customers can wear-test products.


The Adidas concept store spanned more than 45,000 square feet on four floors. However, as New York expediting consultants, we knew the proposed location belonged to a zoning district that restricted retail use to the first and second floors. The indoor court, stadium seating, and proposed signage also posed additional challenges.


Metropolis experts began by preparing an application package to secure commissioner approval for retail space above the second floor. With that approval in hand, Metropolis then developed the filing strategy for the build-out, managing third-party investigations and coordinating sign-offs for timely opening of the revolutionary retail space.

Project type:
Major Alteration
New York, NY