Filing Representative

Filing Representative

The Applicant must have working knowledge of the Department of Buildings system and procedures and be able to maintain a relationship with the Building Department as well as the other City agencies. Previous experience NYC expeditor jobs is a plus.

Position Requirements:

  • Knowledge and understanding of construction plans and documents
  • Communicate with Project Coordinators to obtain required paperwork for submittal to Department of Buildings and review same to verify the accuracy of the information
  • Ability to attend appointments with Department of Buildings Plan Examiners to review and answer objections in order to attain approvals for projects
  • Review objection sheet and be able to interpret what is necessary to obtain approval
  • Coordinate Department of Buildings findings with Project Coordinators and make sure that job folders for disapproved jobs are retrieved and returned to the Coordinator for follow up with the
  • Must be able to prepare project approval package within the office for submittal to the Project Coordinator once Permit is received from Department of Buildings
  • Responsible for following up on projects using Department of Buildings Application Numbers for status updates. Learning of office project management software is necessary
  • Capability to perform research accordingly on specific job related data
  • Professional appearance and excellent communication and organizational skills are essential

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