Code & Zoning

Swing Doors Go Way Of Betamax

By Austin Regan We talked previously about the changes to Administrative code section 28-101.4.3 “Optional Use of the 1968 building Code for work on prior Code buildings.” One of the big changes was the removal of a cost threshold as the trigger point where Chapter 11 – Accessibility — must be… View more

What the Administration Have to Say?

By Austin Regan Title 28 is technically the Building Code’s “spot” in the NYC charter. The thousands of pages that make up the Building Code are all officially “adopted” under Title 28. The Building Code follows the formatting of the International Building Code (IBC) and tries to follow its language as… View more

TPA Guidelines – Update

By Andrew J. Pisani Last month, I wrote about new guidelines for TPA’s – Temporary Places of Assembly. We’ve since met with the DOB on this topic, and there’s additional details to share. If a building has an elevator violation and the event is above the 1st floor, the commissioner may still grant the… View more

Yoga Exemption Brings Zoning Bliss

By Frank Fortino Over the years our industry has trended towards a healthy, greener environment. Eco friendly materials have been matched with requirements for more green space, tree plantings, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. Now, with an update to the Zoning Code, the DOB is taking the next step of improving… View more