Happy Holidays Art from DOT

By Wayne Sheppard

DOT Art had a busy year in 2016, and left its mark on many streets, sidewalks, fences, jersey barriers, plazas, bridges and medians. The program – which partners with community based organizations and artists to present temporary public art of NYCDOT properties – installed Barrier Beautification murals in four different boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx), completed three Special Projects and four Art Display Case installations.

Artist-designed banners were installed on street light poles, a first for the program, and an asphalt art project was completed at the request of DOT’s Bike Share colleagues. On top of almost thirty temporary art projects, DOT Art showcased dance and musical performances as well as visual art installations at Summer Streets.

DOT Art has worked with over 113 separate groups and 270 artists over the years, and continues to reach out to new partners. The DOT Art Instagram following has grown to over 1,200 followers as the program has expanded the variety of content we share online.

Entering 2017, DOT Art intends to keep up the momentum and to work towards the goal of creating positive change within neighborhoods. Installations need to become part of City streets, not only as beautification, but as a direct result of community involvement.

DOT Art looks forward to new collaborations in the New Year and the installation of the many projects already in the works!