Expanded Accountability for Construction Superintendents

Until now, a Construction Superintendent was required for New Buildings and full building demolitions which were 9 stories and below.   Their job responsibility involved supervising a site, notifying the DOB of any incidents, confirming work was being performed as per approved plans, and keeping a log of inspections.

On August 30, 2016, this scope of responsibility for Construction Superintendents was expanded to include additional job types that may not previously have had a site safety program. Projects that fall under the new scope are this with:

• A vertical or horizontal enlargement

• Demolitions of more than 50% of floor area of existing building

• Alterations of more than 50% of floor area of existing building that require special inspection for structural stability

• Complete removal of one or more floors (stories)

• Any work requiring a special inspection for underpinning or support of excavation (SOE)

If your job is ongoing and a permit needs to be renewed, a Construction Superintendent will now be required.

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