Stop Work Orders Spike in 2016

By Brian Lafferty

After a year of site accidents, the City is taking action. The DOB has issued 4,580 Stop Work Orders in the first six months 2016, a year over year increase of 23%. Just two years ago, the number for the same period of time was merely 2,701.

As the amount of construction projects continues to accelerate, so too the problems. The DOB relies on inspectors to issue Stop Work Orders, which in turn shut down job sites until problems are resolved, and fines are settled.

A quirk in the numbers may be the expiration of the 421a tax abatement at the end of 2015. The impending deadline pushed a surge in permits and sent job sites scrambling, perhaps before they were ready. Even after the deadline, the numbers appear much higher than in the past.

While the power to issue a Stop Work Order falls on individual inspectors, the overall emphasis on site safety and compliance is a trend that continues to gain steam. So expect more attention to details, and more stringent requirements moving forward.