Center Stage for Energy Code Compliance

By Frank Fortino

These days, the Energy Code has become an ever increasing presence in nearly every filing. Whether related to a minor alteration with an existing building or for an entirely new building, Energy Code compliance sits squarely in the dialogue. This makes sense, as the role of energy use continues to surge as a leading topic of conversation throughout the City and nationwide.

The City is very interested in understanding the design and compliance for every construction project. This information can be technical and at times confusing – it takes a tremendous effort and knowledge of simply preparing the proper information and submitting plans. Ultimately, the DOB needs to review and understand these plans in order to grant an approval. In a nutshell, details matter.

As consultants, we have already been involved with the Dob’s Energy Code division on multiple projects, and this has helped our learning. For one, we often see that many projects have similar comments and objections. We have taken this feedback and shared it with architects and engineers; this ultimately helps to streamline the projects we are all working on. Surprisingly, we’ve found that most professionals feel better reviewing objections and related issues, then correcting the design as a preemptive measure. Anything that helps push a project through the system is a net positive.

With better understanding of the Energy Code and the related procedural elements, we have taken the proactive step of creating a separate division within Metropolis Group. This group, under the leadership of  Director Alexander Rippere, will steward the Energy Code implications for all projects.

I expect Alexander’s understanding of the law, as well as of the different methods of complying, will prove immediately helpful and insightful to architects, engineers and their projects. This understanding of the process for compliance will further bring great savings to building owners, as they get their projects off the ground with a complete picture of their requirements. Moreover, this work will ensure that our future keeps Energy Code compliance squarely in the center of our future. That’s exactly where it needs to be.