Time is Now for DOB Now

By Penny Laughlin

Finally, the first wave of virtual filings on the DOB’s new filing platform is imminent.  DOBNOW is in pilot phase with a small group of users, and is set to roll out early summer.

The first stage of the rollout is focused on Plumbing and Sprinkler work. These work trades will be filed on new platform and will require Applicant and Owner interaction. For the first time, each step of the filing process will be completed online, and the entire process will be electronic.

There are upcoming Industry Information Sessions which will provide a demonstration of the system, and answer questions. Advance registration is mandatory, and the list of Sessions can be found here.

Owners will need to be registered for e-filing to help process the applications and this can be done now in preparation for inception of DOBNOW.   To register, please click this link.