Opinion – After Hours Construction

By Frank Fortino

A recent article in the NY Post highlighted a little known fact – last year the DOB approved 99% of applications for after-hours construction. The statistic came to light as the reporters –  Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein – were investigating the activity and permit history of a particular high rise tower.

We live in a City which is very tight and heavily populated. There are sites which cannot have the proper schedule of delivery on certain tasks, without which there’s simply no way to build the buildings. Because of these types of constraints, the DOB’s process is to negotiate on a case by case basis, and try to limit the excavation noise and limit interior work when possible.

What the Post does not mention is that the DOB works closely with community boards to manage the inbound calls and complaints. The DOB’s goal in these cases, again, is to keep activity in check and noise level as low as possible. The projects are a net positive for the communities, and the DOB’s role is to find a compromise which allows the work to get done.

In my opinion, the City should continue issuing the after hour permits and continue monitoring the noise levels from work sites.  The offender should be charged with the fine and violators put on probation.