Fire Alarm Filing Clarification

By Andrew J. Pisani

The DOB has issued a new Bulletin – BB 2015-025 –  which clarifies the types of work subject to the 2014 Building Code for buildings whose existing fire alarm system was approved under the 2008 Code or prior Code. This Bulletin aims to clear up questions about what a Fire Alarm Ordinary Repair is, what a Fire Alarm Alteration is, and what does and does not need to be filed for existing fire alarm systems.

This Bulletin gives details as to when the 2014 Code would apply to a Fire Alarm System and what Fire Alarm work would not require a permit. It also clears up what work does in fact require a filing and a permit.

This Bulletin comes in response to the many inquiries the DOB has received requesting clarification. Questions have arisen in many instances, such as regarding how to handle a Fire alarm system when a building planned an enlargement or when a building undergoes a change of use.

For all of those that make a living designing and installing Fire Alarm Systems, this Bulletin should help with many of the questions raised over the years. To review the Bulletin in full, please click here.