Three Years Later, Recovery Continues

By Andrew J. Pisani

Late summer always means the start of hurricane season, and this year marks the third anniversary of Sandy, the most devastating we’ve seen. Remarkably, years later there are plenty of home owners out there that are still without homes.

As crazy as it is for me to write those words, and as unbelievable as it is in

a great City such as ours, the facts are the facts.  As I’ve seen in my mother’s neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, the evidence is abundant.  From the Rockaways to Staten Island, friends and neighbors are still displaced after all these years.

Those lucky enough to be in the Build It Back Program, are finding some relief.  The DOB has announced that they are extending the waivers for the filing and permit fees to the City. Contractors and owners do not have to pay any fees to  have their plans filed, approved  and permitted if in the Build It Back Program (BIB).

The following fees are waived when in the BIB Program:

– Demolition applications and permits

– New Building filings

– Alteration Type 1, 2 and 3 filings

– Permits to renovate or repair

– Record Management fees

– Electrical applications

– Plumbing applications ( including LAA filings)

– Associated filings (elevators, sheds, scaffolds, construction fences)

In order to qualify for fee exemptions, all applications must be filed online through the

HUB. The one exception is for full demo filings, which are still filed at the Borough Offices.

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