Site Safety Plans – Submission Goes Electronic

By Andrew J. Pisani

Beginning on August 10th, applicants will be able to submit their Site Safety Plan to the BEST squad via email. This means no more drop off and pick up, so a sure time saver.

The emails must be sent to the email address with the application package submitted as an attached zip file. The naming convention is critical – files must follow a format of:

YYYY–MM–DD-Bldg. Number-Street Name/Avenue-Job Number

For Example:

2014-08-10-280-Reade Street-123468789

The subject line of the email must also follow a specific naming convention:

Building Number-Street Name-Job Number

For example:

280-Reade Street-123468789

Applicants may submit either a Complete Site Safety Package or a Phased Site Safety Package. All applications must include a separate Digital Cover Sheet, which is a separate attachment on the same email.

For more details, please click here.