LPC Solution to Calendared Properties Gains Momentum

By Penny Laughlin

Back in February, the Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC) launched an initiative to make progress in easing the backlog of “Calendared” properties. As a refresher, A ‘Calendared’ building essentially means the building or site was selected by LPC to be reviewed and discussed at a public hearing to determine if it will be a Landmark Designated site.

Currently, there are close to 100 Calendared properties, yet most were Calendared over twenty years ago. The determination to LPC was simply never completed, thus their status remains in limbo. A new proposal on the table should finally make some progress here, with the entire process possibly wrapped up by the end of 2016.

The LPC has made progress. Research on each property is now available on line for the current public Review Period. Each property has a FACT sheet and supported research. The starting point for research is here.

Over October and November, four Special Public Hearings will take place. Statements or comments may be sent to LPC to be recorded and distributed for the hearing. Interested parties may speak at the hearing – to do so send an email to backlog95@lpc.nyc.gov.  The dates of each hearing and Agenda can be found at http://www.nyc.gov/html/lpc/html/backlog95/backlog.shtml

Decisions on whether to issue a NO Action Letter or Designate the property with Landmark status will be made by end of 2016.