LPC Reaches Out To Ease No Action Backlog

By Penny Laughlin

Last December, the Landmarks Preservation Committee held a hearing to review properties and propose “No Action” letters be issued for sites that have been Calendared for over 5 years, yet have not yet been designated as Landmark buildings. A ‘Calendared’ building essentially means the building or site was selected by LPC to be reviewed and discussed at a public hearing to determine if it will be a Landmark Designated site.

Buildings that are Landmark Designated have stringent rules to alterations on the interior and exterior of building. Architects and engineers designing for new construction or alterations must consider these restrictions in their plans, and a “no Action letter”  on a proposed site can complicate the process for building owners. There are currently 95 buildings and sites throughout the City that may be impacted by the proposed rule. Even if a building receives a No Action letter, it may be re-Calendared for review and LPC Designation in the future.

As a next step, the Commission is looking for ideas from the wider community – they are seeking practical proposals for addressing the backlog in a timely fashion, including the articulation of standards for identifying which properties should be issued No Action Letters.

Any interested party may submit ideas by close of business day on May 1, 2015. Suggestions may be submitted to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission by mail to: 1 Centre Street, 9th Floor North, New York, NY 10007, or by e-mail to comments@lpc.nyc.gov.