Height Limits Interfere with Modular Vision

By Bruno Caligara

Among the growing trends in architecture is the shift towards modular homes. Built in factories and assembled on site, these homes have proven to be an effective solution for affordable housing.

The conversation around modular homes has historically not gotten far in New York City. Due to the construction methods, the floors of most modular homes are thicker than traditional construction. This has made height an issue – as buildings with the same square footage are taller, and therefore come in contrast to the City’s zoning. The new proposal changes the game, allowing for increased building height limits, while keeping square footage requirements in place.

There are still hurdles. The proposal  must pass the public-review process which will take time.  There are also issues relating to the transport and installation of the units, and of course plenty of design and aesthetic issues.

Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction.