Admin Changes Ahead of 2014 Code

By Penny Laughlin

The 2014 Building Code deadline is around the corner, and with it are some administrative changes and updates.

Starting October 1, 2014, new Special Inspection categories, registration and filing requirements will go into effect. Accreditation for the new categories is due by October 1, 2015. The categories are:

1. Mastic and Intumescent Fire-resistant Coatings (NYC Building Code §1704.12);

2. High Temperature Hot Water Piping (Welding) (BC §1704.18);

3. Post-installed Anchors (BC §1704.32).

4. Raising and Moving of a Building.

For all other Special Inspection categories, registration and accreditation has already been required.

The DOB recently issued Buildings Bulletin 2004-009, which provided a view of all Special Inspections changes between the 2008 Code and 2014 Code.

The DOB will update the SIA registration form on October 1. The new form will include new inspection categories, and allow SIAs to register for these new inspections in upcoming projects. Until then, continue using the current form, found here.