2014 Building Code – Special Inspection Requirements

By Penny Laughlin

As expected we’re starting to see new requirements under the 2014 Code. One of the first is a new requirement calling for Special Inspections for select demolitions.

There are two types of demolitions which now require Special Inspections. The first is referred to as Mechanical Demolition, and as the name implies, is a demolition project with any type of machine that helps to either move debris or conduct the actual demolition. In all cases, any hand-held devices are exempt.

The second type of demolition considers alterations to an existing building, when the demolition work interferes with the overall stability of the structure. In such a case, the developer will intend to keep part of the structure standing. If they intend to fully demolish the building, than no Special Inspection is required for Structural Stability.

This change went into effect on the turn of the year. For more details, please click here.