LL14 Amends Timeline for Elevator Inspections and Tests

By Renee Sosnowski

LL141 was signed at the end of 2013, and Rule 103-02 goes into effect next week – on May 5, 2014. Rule 103-02 is being amended to reflect the new provisions enacted by LL141, which changes the timeframe for filing elevator inspections, testing reports, and affirmations of correction, with the purpose of providing a more reasonable timeframe for correcting issues.

Under the new law, any defects found on a CAT1 test would need to be corrected within 120 days of the inspection, so long as they do not represent hazardous conditions. In this case, the changes must be corrected immediately.

Following the completion of the correction, an affirmation of correction needs to be filed with the DOB elevator division within 60 days.

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