Can Changing a Light Bulb Save Me Money? Yes it Can.

By Andrew J. Pisani

Conversations about lighting usually are the domain of designers and architects. Yet a compelling case for LED upgrades is making bean counters take notice.

LED lighting systems have come along way in recent years.  The basic value proposition weighs a higher up front cost but much longer life span, with lower energy consumption down the line.

Now, retro-fit financing programs offered by Con Ed and NYSERDA are incentivizing owners to make the switch, by eliminating out of pocket expenses.

With a life span of 70,000 hours, LED lights will burn for nearly 8 years. On a practical level, that means switching today and changing bulbs in 2022, rather than changing your T8 fluorescents in 2015.

Add in lower energy costs along the way and you are looking at a proposition with no downside.