Nice House. But What’s Your Number?

By Brian Lafferty

Good question. To make it more interesting, an address must be verified before any work can be approved by the DOB. So resolving the house number is one of the early steps of any project.

The process is two-fold – first you must request verification of the Address, and second, you apply for a permanent house number.

For Verification  – complete your PW-1 Form, with plot diagram, and submit this with your Preliminary Architectural Plan showing the entrances. For combining or divided lots, include designated “Tentative Lot Numbers” from the Real Property Assessment Bureau Surveying Division.

Step two requires some lead time. About six months before construction is completed, send your request with vital details – cross street, existing address, proposed new address, along with a verified and stamped PW-1. Submit as well two copies of the approved Architectural Plans – first floor only – showing entrances.

Each Borough President is responsible for these addresses, and therefore the documents should be submitted to their respective offices.