Brooklyn Solar Grid


Energy management experts at Bright Power and architects at Thread Collective embarked on a pilot program in Brooklyn: creating a solar-powered electrical grid in in urban environment.


New York City zoning regulations limit where solar panels can be placed, as well as angles of installation, while building codes govern how these panels connect to buildings. In addition, Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) regulations presented challenges related to fire-suppression systems and roof access for emergency responders.


Understanding the intricate network of regulations in the city led our New York expediting consultants at Metropolis to recommend properties that would be good candidates for the program, and to guide design professionals to ensure the installations complied with codes. To ensure timely approvals, Metropolis experts began analyzing fire and safety codes months before the anticipated filing date. They realized that a water-based sprinkler would create a safety hazard for the solar battery system. Metropolis partnered with client engineers to recommend a dual system that uses water at low temperatures and a chemical fire suppressant at higher temperatures. The team presented their solution to FDNY six months before the scheduled filing.

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Brooklyn, NY