Our Difference

Code Consultants, not Expediters

The uninitiated often categorize Metropolis Group, Inc. in the cottage industry of “expediters.” Even today, the term conjures images of jeans-and-sneaker-clad individuals, standing in line at various city agencies. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to being a building code consultant.

Many clients call Metropolis long before the permitting process. Developers and investors rely on our NYC zoning code expertise during the planning phase. Our extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of multiple municipal agencies helps clients determine the feasibility of their plans when selecting a site. In fact, our experts frequently join project teams even before design professionals and contractors.

Experience and Stability

Our more than 30-year track record tells only part of the Metropolis story. Founder and President Frank Fortino envisioned an organization that would provide expert guidance and trusted counsel to the construction industry. Since opening the firm’s doors in 1988, he recruited knowledgeable professionals who shared his vision. Today Metropolis facilitates the construction and renovation of historic and transformational buildings throughout the greater New York area. We offer detailed understanding of the complex NYC zoning codes and city regulations, supported by continuous, transparent client education.

Our success in helping clients navigate the ever-shifting regulatory landscape comes from our stable team. Not only does Frank Fortino continue to guide client projects, but Metropolis also has industry veterans with decades of experience in every department. These senior leaders share their expertise with clients and with junior team members. Depth and breadth of knowledge—much of it acquired with Metropolis—create an unsurpassed customer service experience, as does the single, seasoned point of contact throughout the life of a project.