Reminder: Renew Your DOT Permit Bonds by December 31

By Wayne Sheppard

As the holiday season moves into full swing, don’t forget to renew your Department of Transportation (DOT) permit bonds.

In addition to a DOT permit, any work involving New York City streets or sidewalks also requires a current permit bond. This bond protects the city against any costs and expenses resulting from the proposed activity.

Bond requirements depend upon the number of locations and type of work. Projects with street openings and excavations have the potential to cause greater damage; as a result, they have higher bond requirements.

  • One location. $10,000 (with openings/excavations), $5,000 (without openings/excavations)
  • 2-50 locations. $50,000 (with opening/excavations), $25,000 (without openings/excavations)
  • 51-100 locations. $100,000 (with openings/excavations), $25,000 (without openings/excavations)
  • 100+ locations. $250,000 (with openings/excavations), $25,000 (without openings/excavations)

Bonds apply to work during the calendar year. All current bonds on file expire on December 31, 2018. We recommend updating bonds as early as the second week in December. Don’t get caught in the end-of-year rush to renew your bond permit, or you may delay DOT projects in 2019.

For help with securing or renewing DOT permits and permit bonds, or if you have questions about the bond requirements of your specific project(s), call Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.