Allow More Time to Secure Initial TCO

By Brian Lafferty

As the end of the year approaches, the holiday season can wreak havoc on project deadlines. This year, projects seeking an initial Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) need to factor in even more time, due to a policy change at the Department of Buildings (DOB).

Previously, applicants could upload required items in the Buildings Information System (BIS) and review the TCO application with the Certificate of Occupancy clerk. A complete CO package with the required sign-offs and fees would typically receive a TCO in two to three business days.

Now, applicants still enter sign-offs into the Required Items section of BIS and submit the application to the CO clerk for review. But the process changes from here.

The application then goes to the Borough Manager’s Office, where it is reviewed by the commissioner and then an advocate for the following:

  • Inspection status (should be “pass-final”)
  • Payment
  • Schedule A (This document must match the Schedule A submitted with the PW1; otherwise, the applicant must file a PAA.)
  • Required Items

This review process can now take up to a week or more. If any issues are found, applicants need to correct those items and resubmit.

We can certainly help ensure the accuracy of your TCO application, but you’ll need to budget additional time to receive the initial TCO.

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