DOB NOW: Inspections Requires DPL-1 Form for All Sealed Transactions

By Mario Aurioso

In case you missed it, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has added a new requirement for its online inspection system, DOB NOW: Inspections. All licensed professionals, including licensed master plumbers (LMPs), must upload a completed DPL-1 form when requesting inspections and submitting inspection results.

The DPL-1 form is the Design Professional / Licensee Seal and Signature Form for DOB NOW. The form captures the design professional’s or licensee’s information, seal, and signature. The DPL-1 now serves as the electronic equivalent of the physical seals that have long served the industry.


  • Download the DPL-1 form from the DOB website.
  • Complete the form online.
  • Print the completed form.
  • Sign and seal the completed form. (For raised seals, lightly shade the seal with a pencil to make it visible on the scanned copy.)
  • Scan and save the signed/sealed form to your computer.

When using DOB NOW: Inspections, upload the completed form as your seal, and identify the Document Type as LMP/FSC/OB License Seal.

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