DOB Updates HUB Consultation Request Form

By Penny Laughlin

Last month, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) released a new Consultation Request Form. The updated form collects additional information to determine eligibility of New Building and Alteration Type 1 projects for Development Hub filing.

Form Changes

Specifically, the revised Consultation Request Form acknowledges that some projects require more complex consultation. The form now includes code consultants, as well as filing representatives, in the stakeholder section, and certain conditions trigger a consultation meeting with a code and zoning specialist and/or the borough commissioner, including:

  • Multi-phase filing strategy
  • Certain zoning districts (e.g., flood hazard area, inclusionary housing district, etc.)
  • Tax lot changes
  • Zoning lot changes
  • Anticipated issues and obstacles


These changes represent the DOB’s latest efforts to streamline and automate the filing process, while recognizing that complex projects require human assistance. Providing additional detail at the start of a project will help the DOB in assigning Hub resources. For instance, a small building will follow a different internal path than a complex skyscraper.

We commend the DOB on this timely update. The current increase in construction projects, paired with the resulting increase of Hub volume, has prompted DOB to hire additional plan examiners for project reviews. The new form will help the agency deploy its expanded team with greater efficiency.

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