NYC Parks Updated Forestry Permit Application Process

By Penny Laughlin

The Parks Department has implemented new procedure for the required plan review needed for DOB New Building and Major Alteration filings.

This new process for tree work permits and plan will streamline a process that has typically taken months, and often held up commencement on large construction projects.

The Plan review Application to be completed online, with all plans and photographs uploaded directly through the site for review. The application to start the process is found here.

Hidden within the application process is a program Building Plan Review Fast Track – which can shrink the timeline further down to 30 days. In order to qualify for Fast Track, the application must meet the following conditions:

• The job site/address/proposed construction site cannot have any existing trees on site that lie within the City Right of Way.

• The applicant must be willing to pay a non-refundable deposit into the Tree Fund to close out the job.

• The project’s site plan must contain text stating the number of trees required by DOB. Please include the number of trees to pay into the Tree Fund as on-site plantings.

For more details on the Building Plan Review Fast Track, please click here.