DOB Project Guidelines Series

By Brian Lafferty

The DOB has developed a Project Guidelines series to provide the trade with guidance on general project requirements. The Project Guidelines contain general operational, administrative, and technical requirements related to construction project type. The Project Guidelines will prove useful during the three stages of any project:

  • Pre-approval of a Project – Know what is required to submit a project application and obtain an approval.
  • Pre-permit and ongoing work phase of Project – Learn about Contractor requirements, site safety requirements, required inspections, and obtaining a permit.
  • Project Close-out – Learn how to close-out a completed project, or obtain Sign-off and/or Letter of Completion.

The Project Guideline is quite thorough, and covers major areas of the process. For more details, and to access the Project Guidelines, please click here.

As we all know, every project is different, and the Project Guidelines serve as a general overview of process and procedure. As such, specific and detailed technical aspects of each and every requirement for the design and execution of the proposed work are not included.