A Final Sprint for 2016

By Frank Fortino

It amazes me every year how quickly the holiday season rolls around. We look up, and there’s a few weeks left, a final push to finish off the slate of work for 2016.

For some people and projects, this is a season to tighten up projects and push others until the new year. For others, it’s a flat out sprint through the Christmas season to hit goals and deadlines.

At Metropolis, we’re more of the second type of group. It’s just in our DNA. We will be open, working, and dealing with the amazing people and projects that have made 2016 such a success.

I want to personally thank our clients for giving the entire Metropolis team a chance to show what we are all about.  We take tremendous pride in our work, and believe that it takes a combination of thinking and grit to get every job done right. We work hard every day, driven by the goals and objectives of our clients.

I often say that our firm has been blessed, in that we have found a great balance in our involvement that helps drive projects forward, and our incumbent knowledge which helps make sure this progress is in the right direction.

As the years pass, I feel we are just getting stronger in so many core areas of knowledge:

• Zoning
• Code
• Method and Strategy in how to write and submit a determination at D.O.B.
• Code Compliance
• Fema, Flood Compliance

Our ability to provide the right type of assistance is a very big part of why we exist at all, and it gives me great pride to share in so many successful projects.

Once again I thank you all for your Trust & Faith in our firm as we look forward to another exciting year of working together.

Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!