Sidewalk Repairs Under MTA Jurisdiction

By Bruno Caligara

Sidewalk work can be tricky, especially if the location of the sidewalk falls under MTA jurisdiction.

Doing work at a sidewalk under MTA jurisdictions requires MTA approval and MTA supervision during the start and course of work.  Contractors and Owners are typically unaware of the process which requires MTA notification and additional insurances prior to commencement of any work.  If work is started without this notification and insurance, the MTA will issue a stop work order.

In some cases, sidewalks have ventilation grates where proposed work is being done. If the grates are old or damaged, the MTA may request that these be replaced. The good news here is that the MTA  will supply these new grates at no cost to the building’s owner. That said, the MTA does not deliver – and new grates must be picked up at the MTA facility.

Pre-planning at your site and knowing the requirements of all different City agencies prior to starting work is always recommended to keep your project on course.