Limited Alteration Application (LAA): Intent to Revoke & Revoke Notifications

By Mario Aurioso

On March 21, 2016, the LAA Division posted a new service memo regarding an Intent to Revoke or Revoke Banner. These will now be visible in BIS on a Limited Alteration Application with the scope of work is considered non-Code compliant, hazardous or egregious.

The process to resolve this Intent to Revoke goes as the follows:

A letter explaining the reason(s) for the objection(s) including steps for correction will be sent to the property owner and the applicant of record, fifteen (15) calendar days or ten (10) business days from the date of the insurance of the Intent to Revoke Letter.

The property owner or applicant of record can schedule an appointment via email to During the time of the appointment, applicants are expected to submit sufficient evidence demonstrating why the permit should not be revoked. To complicate matters, a stop work order may be issued immediately following the Intent to Revoke to notification.

If the applicant fails to comply within the 15 calendar day or ten business days from the date of notice, the LAA will be revoked.  A failure to comply with the Stop Work Order may result in the issuance of the Work Without Permit Violation, in addition to other fines and penalties.

Upon compliance, the associated banner will be removed, a retraction letter will be issued, and the application will be restored to the ‘Approved’ status. The applicant may resume work and sign-off the application.