New Rules for Tenant Protection Plans

By Brian Lafferty

Tenant Protection Plans serve to protect occupants of buildings undergoing construction activities, who stay in the building during the work. Effective January 25, 2016, a stand-alone Tenant Protection Plan must be submitted for all buildings being altered or demolished that contain one or more dwelling units that will remain occupied during construction.

With the new rules comes a new form – the TPP-1 which is now mandatory for these cases.

The TPP process is straightforward:

  • Applicant must complete the new TPP-1 Form prior to Approval;
  • Once completed, the form must be signed and sealed, then uploaded as a required item;
  • All supporting attachments and drawings must be legible and in 11/17 format.

The Tenant Protection Plan of any building will be available to the public through the DOB website.