LPC Progress on Calendared Properties

By Penny Laughlin

Last year, the Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC) launched an initiative to make progress in easing the backlog of “Calendared” properties. As a refresher, A ‘Calendared’ building essentially means the building or site was selected by LPC to be reviewed and discussed at a public hearing to determine if it will be a Landmark Designated site.

The LPC has made progress. A public hearing on February 23rd led to determinations of Landmark Designation for  30 of these buildings. Some of these have been calendared for over 20 years, and are now Prioritized for Designation.

With this single action, the number of calendared properties falls by a third – with around 60 still left. Based on the efficiency of this recent activity, it’s fair to say that LPC has a handle on the situation.

For more details about the public hearing and results, please click here.