Live Fuel Cooking Equipment in NYC

By Bruno Caligara

New Yorkers love to feast – they love our restaurants and the creativity of our chefs. Our restaurants are challenged to constantly raise the bar and innovate. There’s constant  exploration for all types of cooking, and with this comes an interest in live fuels within these kitchens.

The City has recognized these requests and does allow for the use of such equipment by special request.  The filing for such equipment requires the submittal/filing of a special form known as the OTCR2: Site –Specific Approval Application.

The OTCR2 is filed as part of the equipment application installation and included in the filing process. Equipment specific information required are as follows; Testing Laboratory information, Equipment Manufacture information, along with supporting documents such as cut sheets, drawings and engineering information.

Once approved by the DOB, the requested equipment must be installed as per manufacture specifications. Metropolis Group can help guide restauranteurs for this special equipment request and help strategized prior to kitchen equipment final design.