New Procedure for Service Equipment

By Brian Lafferty

The DOB has made changes to its policy regarding service equipment. As of early December, 2015, the DOB has ceased allowing service equipment to be operated until a Certificate of Compliance is issued. This Certificate was previously called the Equipment Use Permit.

The Certificate of Compliance will only be issued after the submission of a satisfactory report of inspection, as well as the complete testing of the equipment in question. The equipment which falls under this directive include:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Ventilating systems
  • Refrigation systems
  • Heating systems (Not boilers)

The actual inspections must be completed by either department inspectors or registered design professionals. The new procedure has three parts:

1. All referenced service equipment must be inspected and certified by a special inspection agency

2. A Tr-1 form identifying responsibility for the required special inspection and PW-4 Application for certificate of Compliance for Equipment form (signed and sealed) must be submitted at permitting

3.  After inspection, the special inspector shall submit to the Certificate of Occupancy unit a completed Certificate of Compliance Card, and the applicable certified TR-1 form.  If the equipment is properly certified, the DOB will issue a stamped Certificate of Compliance Card.