Housing New York

By Johan Soltani

Mayor de Blasio is working with City Planning to approve the Housing New York program. The program will build 200,000 units of new low income housing by expanding the existing Inclusionary Housing program, Zoning Resolution appendix F,  and also a new program called Zoning for Quality and Affordability.

Under the existing Inclusionary Housing Plan, any new building project must set aside 20% of floor area for low income housing. Under the Mayor’s new plan, this will rise to 30% of floor area and it will require any alteration with substantial improvement of existing buildings to include percentage for low income housing

A second part of the mayor’s proposal will include zoning changes as Zoning for Quality and Affordability which would  amend the definition of “Quality Housing” in contextual zoning districts to include inclusionary housing.

The Mayor has scheduled this to vote with the City Council by the end of spring 2016.