LED Upgrades – It’s Who You Know

By Andrew J. Pisani

We’re starting to see great traction with LED’s, and by now we know the economic advantages of retro-fitting buildings. We also have seen great gains in the quality of the products,with a range of colors and softness that give us a glimpse of a future that may, in fact, look better.

Manufacturers of LED’s have invested in the infrastructure and designs to take their offerings to the next level. Their goal is for building owners to shift thinking from Retro-fitting to Lighting Upgrade. For this to work, they need innovation. The good news – innovation is here.

Like the newest phones, watches and cameras, LED manufacturers release certain products at retail, and hold the next product iterations for staged delivery. Visiting LED retailers today will give you a view of what’s on the market, but not what’s around the corner. The new products are a huge step forward in terms of upgrading the lighting experience. Of interest are four major upgrades that are close to hitting the market:

Anything Tube – An LED replacement for a T12 with a magnetic ballast or a fluorescent with an electronic ballast.

Troffer Kit – A kit for upgrading 2×4 and 2×2 fluorescent ceiling fixtures, which uses the existing box and adds a new face.

Circle Line – A replacement for 40w, circular fluorescent, with better light, color and lifespan.

Wireless Controls – Giving control of lighting and color through phone Apps.

Access to the new products is still somewhat restricted, and your best bet is to work with a lighting professional with direct relationships with the major manufacturers. As a first step, contact our friends at Green Partners, who can advise you on the benefits and steps of completing your Lighting Upgrade.