Update on Facade Projects

By Frank Fortino

Site coverage for façade projects is getting easier. With a new set of changes, daily full time or 2 hour per day coverage from a licensed site safety manager is no longer required. Rather, façade projects which require site safety plans may rely on any number of qualified individuals to oversee the safety of the site.

The position is open to licensed site safety managers as well as DOB Licensed Riggers, designated rigging foreman or qualified individuals. All candidates must complete an approved 10-hour OSHA class. They must also complete job-specific safety orientation.

While the staffing requirements have changed, the paperwork has not. Projects must designate the site safety manager on the PW-2.

Under the new 2014 Code, this façade work must meet several new requirements. Prior to the start, the designated site safety manager must visit the site and complete a full site safety inspection. As part of this, they must verify that the site complies with the DOB’s BEST Squad approved site safety plan.

In the event that an accident occurs on site, or there are any hazardous violations, the site safety manager must perform a full site safety inspection.

There are further requirements. A DOB approved and trained individual must supervise any scaffold wok to ensure safety. This includes both installation and removal.

Finally, the 2014 Code has an opinion on façade recladding. Projects filed under the 2014 Code that have Major Façade recladding work will still need a full-time site safety manager.

We recommend reviewing your project and understanding which category you fall into before proceeding.