Bicycles in Office Buildings

By Johan Soltani

If your office building has a freight elevator, you may have the opportunity to ride your bicycle to work.

The “Bikes In Buildings” program was created by DOT and the Mayor’s office to allow bicycle access to office buildings. It is now the law.

All commercial tenants can submit a “Tenant Request” to the building owners through the DOT site. The building owner must create and post a “Bicycle Access Plan” within 30 days that would permit the tenants and their employees to bring bikes into the tenant’s office space. The building owner can also request an exception by providing an alternate storage room with easy access from the lobby.

  • A bicycle Access Plan must be created by the building owners within 30 days of the receipt of the request of the tenants.
  • The plan must be submitted to DOT within 40 days of the receipt of the tenant’s request.
  • The plan must contain information of how to enter the building with the bikes and use of specific freight elevator.
  • The plan may not subject tenants to signing releases, indemnities, revocation clauses or fees.

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