New Red Banners on DOB Website

By Renee Sosnowski

At the beginning of the year you may have noticed that the DOB started posting red banners on some property profile pages. The banners say “VIOLATION FOR FAILURE TO CERTIFY CORRECTION OF CLASS 1 VIOLATION EXISTS ON THIS PROPERTY – DOB CIVIL PENALTIES DUE.”

This red banner is not a STOP WORK ORDER and does not pertain to “WORKING WITHOUT PERMIT” civil penalties. Rather, it is only to notify owners that they have open “AEUHAZ” DOB violation(s) which carry automatic non-negotiable $1,500.00 penalty each.

“AEUHAZ” DOB violations are issued when you fail to file correction of an Immediately Hazardous (Class 1) ECB violation with the Department of Buildings Administrative Enforcement Unit.

To review the DOB memo regarding Immediately Hazardous Class 1 ECB violations and the penalty for failure to file correction, please click here.