New Changes to LAA1

By Mario Aurioso

The LAA 1 – Limited Alteration Application for Plumbing, Oil Burning or Fire Suppression has new form to coordinate with new changes for 2015.  The new form has several important changes, which are:

Section #1: You can now renew an LAA1.

Section # 3  Estimate work cost is broken into two categories.

Category 1: Limited Work — cannot exceed a $35K dollars or less limit work per a 12 month period.

Category 2: Unlimited Work.

Both categories must include all appliance and labor cost.

Section 3D: There is now  check box for Fee Exempt applications. (Federal, New York State, NYC or other government –owned property)

Section #7: Is for Fire Suppression Contractors Only.

Section #8 : Is for Appliances Data for any fuel burning appliances.

Section # 10 : Asbestos abatement compliance information. If the scope of work is not an asbestos project as defined in the regulations of the NYC DEP. You must now provide both the ACP5 DEP Control #,  and CAI #.

The form is available for download here.