Metropolis Salutes Manager and Employee of the Year

By Mabel Cataldo

At the Metropolis Annual Christmas Party, two special awards were presented to Metropolis team members who demonstrated excellence throughout the year.

Congratulations to Penny Laughlin, Associate – Coordinator Supervisor for winning  Metropolis Group’s Manager of the Year Award. Penny’s hard work and dedication have helped successfully mentor new employees.  She’s known to foster a strong, motivational team environment focused on Metropolis Clients. We are proud of Penny’s continued devotion to the Company!

Congratulations to Eileen Rivera, Project Coordinator for winning Metropolis Group’s Employee of the Year Award.  Eileen’s  dedication to her work is inspiring to everyone in the office. She truly represents the Metropolis work ethic, morale and values. Great work in 2014, and we look forward to more in the future.