Metropolis Annual Christmas Party Celebrates the Past and Future

By Mabel Cataldo

This year Metropolis Annual Christmas Party was held at Delmonico’s. The program included dinner, cocktails and dancing. As the evening progressed, Frank Fortino shared the history of the Company.

Metropolis Group started, “With the hopes of creating something special where we could offer our clients the best service while minimizing their investments. The Company was formed with two people in a small cubicle. Our first Christmas party was celebrated by three people at Rugerios.”

Every year since, the team grew, and Metropolis has continued celebrating the holiday season at venues across the City — on boats, in Little Italy, in penthouses and bowling establishments.  All were festive, all were celebratory as the Company grew in strength.

One year was most memorable, and Frank Fortino went on to describe it, “One in particular will certainly always be part of my memory. That was the year that New York was attacked. As a company we forego the big celebration and as a group all elected to not have the party, rather to donate funds to the firemen, policemen and people who lost their lives to a senseless act. I took it upon myself and had a wonderful dinner at Carmines, a low key celebration towards good will to mankind and wishing good fortune as a country to prevail. 13 years have passed and we have seen the rebirth of our freedom. We are still here, and since then never giving up but contributing to this most amazing City”.

Metropolis has contributed in building New York’s skyline. The teamwork, passion and support are the ingredients to the success of the Company. Frank then went on to congratulate the entire staff – associates, supervisors, accounting, HR, marketing and business development team members.” Lastly, he took a moment to recognized and thank his family, who were in attendance, especially his wife Mrs. Camille Fortino who has made it all possible with her love and support.