A Final Push for 2014

By Frank Fortino

This holiday season, there’s a singular gift that all architects, engineers, developers and owners are working towards — the filing of plans before the deadline for the new 2014 Building Code.

Starting January 1st, 2015, the DOB will convert to the new Building Code, and retire the 2008 Code. With the conversion, the DOB will no longer review new buildings, major alterations and Alt Type II interior applications under the 2008 CodeThere are, of course, numerous changes throughout, and a great place to start is Chapter 33 of the new Code, which provides an overview of the changes.

As we’ve seen in the past, the final month leading up to the conversion to the new Code can be hectic. We anticipate that an enormous number of filings will hit the system in the next few weeks. The best move here is to file as early as you can, and make sure your filings are in well before the deadline. The entire team at Metropolis is standing by, ready to help push your projects over the goal line.

While we have a grueling month ahead, I find it important to pause at this time of the year and reflect on the past, especially those brave families who took charge in traveling to America, driven by hope of finding a better life for themselves and their children. They became hardworking Americans and created the amazing culture we have today. We’re a free country, driven by passion, ideas, education, and a desire to build a great future. As I look out at the Freedom Tower, I see a testament to our collective resolve.

On behalf of the entire team at Metropolis Group, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Let’s push through and work hard for the next several weeks, then celebrate the end of another great year.