DOB Launches Code Notes

By Penny Laughlin

After a long wait, the DOB has unveiled Code Notes, a new reference tool to assist the industry and property owners navigate through the Building Code, permit approval process and Zoning Resolution.

During the project approval process, plan examiners typically raise objections when plans fail to comply with the NYC Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution. With Code Notes, the DOB is providing a resource that summarizes construction and zoning requirements, so objections raised may be remedied.

Code Notes is the Department of Buildings’ new reference tool to assist industry members and property owners through the permit approval process. Each edition of Code Notes explains the necessary filings, applicable codes and zoning requirements, relevant bulletins, directives and memos necessary for some of the most common construction projects in New York City.

The DOB is hopeful that Code Notes will aid compliance, help reduce barriers in the plan examination process and accelerate project approvals.