ZoLa Upgrade Makes Zoning Visual

By Penny Laughlin

The DCP and DoITT recently updated the popular ZoLa application, which provides a simple, visual way to discover zoning and land use data for specific properties.  With an intuitive interface, the system allows users to enter an address and quickly find details on property ownership, zoning, land use citywide programs and political districts.

The upgrade brings several new functionalities to the application. Users will now have the ability to layer Digital Tax Maps onto any property, which will include lot lines and dimensions.

Users will now have access to maps showing where sidewalk cafés are permitted by zoning. Users may search with a specific spot in mind, or search based on a larger geographic area.

Finally, users have full access to the inventory and uses of City owned and leased properties throughout all five boroughs.

Aside from bring completely informative, the application is well designed and fun to explore. To visit and give ZoLa a try, please click here.