FDNY Amends Scope of Work Procedures

By Frank Fortino

As we’ve often written, development projects always must follow the guidelines and procedures of both the DOB and FDNY. We’ve seen improved communications between the two groups, and a trends towards the alignment of their requirements.  There are certainly instances when the paths diverge, one of which is the FDNY’s requirement for when to file a post-approval amendment.

FDNY filings for revisions with an increase to the original scope of work have not normally required amendments. Typically, a set of revised drawings would be kept on site along with a smaller set of 11×17 drawings. The inspector would review these documents while conducting the site inspections.

There is, in fact, a procedural step to the process. When a large scale development makes changes of  scope, they will need to file an application know as a TM 1. The FDNY defines change very broadly — it can range anywhere from job description, change of applicant, change in the design of the system, change in floor layout affecting core devices,  change in the location of the fire alarm control panel, fire command station, DGPs or smoke control/purge panel, adding  any core initiating devices, or adding  more than five (5) initiating devices on a floor. In such instances, the TM 1 – Application for Plan Examination/Document Review – will need to be submitted for approval.

The filing of a TM 1 filing may seem simply procedural, and it will be approved. The FDNY will coordinate with the DOB examiners, and the project can be inspected as proposed.

Filing a TM 1 requires an application fee of $420.00, which is charged per installation type. To review this document, please click here.