ECB Amends Fines for Construction Sign & Pedestrian Walkway Violations

By Renee Sosnowski

Last summer, the Mayor signed Local Law 47 of 2013, which required contractors and building owners to consolidate construction signage and permits into a single new standard format. The goal here was two-fold — to provide information that was more useful to the public and minimize the visual clutter of signage at construction sites. It also served the objective of making construction sites more aesthetically pleasing. The Environmental Control Board has modified several violations in its penalty schedule to enforce these new requirements for Building Code 3301.9 established under Local Law 47/13.

Here are a few of the violations and fines:

  • Prohibited Outdoor Advertising Company sign on sidewalk shed or construction fence  –  starting fine of $10,000.
  • Posting of unlawful signs, information, pictorial representation, business or advertising messages on protective structures   – Starting fine of $2,400.
  • Project Information Panel/Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panel/Construction Sign not provided or not in compliance  – Starting fine of $800.
  • Pedestrian protection does not meet code specifications – Starting fine of $2,400.
  • Failure to provide pedestrian protection for sidewalks and walkways – Starting fine of $4,800.
  • Sidewalk shed does not meet color specification – Starting fine of $800.

The fines go up from there. For more details and the full table, please click here.